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Managing a lender’s conveyancing panel: improving efficiency and tackling mortgage fraud

Paul Davies, Director of Business Development at LMS writes for the BSA
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Mortgages in the digital age

A recent Fiserv survey found that over a 30-day period, millennials accessed their financial organisation via mobile app or browser 8.5 times on average versus 3.1 times for non-millennials. Millennials are a useful barometer of future trends, particularly because the demographic and its income are growing. In addition, mobile (apps or browsers) is rapidly approaching websites as the most...
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3 ways to start improving your mortgage loan process today

Originating a mortgage is no easy task. It is people and information intensive. Every bit of information must be double verified and internally double or triple checked. To make matters worse, as lenders are trying to meet deadlines, they also need to keep their customers (borrowers) happy and informed. Borrowers are often frustrated by the seemingly endless requests for documents, lack of...
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Mortgage retention and optimisation for building societies: How do I reward my members while remaining profitable?

Traditionally, optimisation in the mortgage space has been used to maximise profitability by targeting offers using traditional pricing dimensions such as Loan-to-value (LTV) band. As a result, the question has always been asked, can optimisation be applied to drive value in a member-centric world, as opposed to a profit-centric one?
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